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The perfect time to track your progress, and win cash.

We are offering 3 InBody Body Composition tests for $50 that you will compete against your fellow gym members for the most progress.  Who ever has made the most progress at the end of 30 days will win 50% of the challenge money collected.

You will get a chance to do 3 tests, one in the beginning, one at half way point and one as your final test.  You will have up until January 15th to enter and only 30 days to complete the challenge.  Winner will be announced on February 15th after all the tests have been competed.

To enter send us an email to info@energygym247.com with your name, cell #, and email address.  You can pay the entry fee either in person at the front desk or using the link below.   Once entered we will contact you with information on how to prepare and schedule your first InBody test.Type your paragraph here.

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