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Introductory member-only

TANNING options:

1 Session - $10

10 Sessions - $50

Premium Tan Annual - $180 or $15/mo.

New for 2017

HEX Tanning System

HEX Tanning System is a standup 360 degree full body tanning system where you can achieve a rich bronze tan.  Sessions start at 3-5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minute sessions.  You will be subject to a federal guidline for safe tanning at the beginning of your use of the HEX bed system for your safety.

You can Book & Buy Tanning on our

Energy Gym 24/7 App under APPOINTMENTS. Conveniently download the app to your phone or iPad and manage your tanning experience.

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Smart Lamp Technology   

Our patented Smart Lamp is the only three-position lamp that tans all areas of the body equally (lower leg, torso and upper body). It takes seven processes to produce this lamp. All other lamps are manufactured with a three-step process (of course, the 7-step process is more expensive to manufacture but it delivers much more than the average tanning lamp). 

HEX Smart Lamps are made with SolGlass. You produce vitamin D with exposure to ultraviolet light; you can produce the highest amounts with exposure to ultraviolet light that measures 290 nanometers ā€“ exactly the UVB output provided by SmartLamps with SolGlass technology. All other tanning lamps operate in the 300+nanometer range.

You can read the new studies about vitamin Dā€™s importance to your health by visiting . 

Electronic Ballast with Smart Lamps

HEX systems, using electronic ballasts and Smart lamps with SOL Glass technology, are the only tanning systems that provide both an immediate and a persistent tan.

 Immediate tan is the color you see 4-5 hours after a tanning session.

 Persistent tan is tan color that develops 3 to 4 days after a tanning session ā€“ it is truly remarkable and no other tanning system can offer this. 

Attached Dressing Room

Our attached dressing room serves multiple purposes: privacy, spaciousness and comfort for your customer, and maximum f lexibility in planning and promoting your tanning profit center. We provide a seat, LED lighting, a beveled mirror, shelving for lotions and personal items, and apparel hooks to hang clothing.